Health Insurance

Domestic programs: Students attending field schools within the US must provide proof of health insurance. In the “Proof of Health Insurance” section of your IFR application, you will be required to provide the name of your insurance provider, your policy number, and a phone number for your insurance provider.

International Programs (outside the US): A traveler’s health insurance policy is provided by the Institute for Field Research (IFR) and is part of the tuition for the program. No additional payment is required.

Health Insurance Policy: Health insurance coverage is provided by GeoBlue. Coverage is provided for the program dates only, as described on the IFR webpage and syllabus. Prior to the program beginning date, GeoBlue will email students their health insurance card and policy ID (posted on the card). Students will then be able to log into the GeoBlue Student Site to file claims, schedule doctors’ appointment or discuss coverage with a GeoBlue agent.

Extension of Health Insurance Policy: Students who wish to extend their health insurance beyond the program dates – covering travel prior to or after the field school – may do so by purchasing additional plan(s) directly from GeoBlue. It is likely that the GeoBlue Voyager Plan will be the best fit for most students.

What is Covered: The IFR health insurance policy provides 100% coverage, $250K limit and no deductibles. Our insurance policy covers many preexisting conditions, chronic and mental health conditions, as well as medical evacuation and Political and Natural Disaster extraction (see the GeoBlue Brochure-2023-24) for Summer programs starting after June 1, 2023; see the GeoBlue Brochure-2022-23 for 2023 summer programs starting before June 1, 2023). Since we operate in remote locations, most medical facilities will not accept the GeoBlue card as payment. In such cases, students should pay for local costs directly and submit a claim to GeoBlue upon return. Be sure to keep all receipts for any medical treatment. Claim forms are available at the GeoBlue website and may be accessed using your ID and Password. In many cases, students can submit claims using the GeoBlue App (see below).

Download the GeoBlue App: GeoBlue is providing students with a free app that may be downloaded to smart phones or tablets. The Global TeleMD app finds a medication’s availability, generic name, and local brand name. It translates medical terms and phrases for many symptoms and situations and use an audio feature to play the translation. And, it search providers for medical, dental, or mental health care and map them using GPS technology (although this function is not useful for most of our locations as we are far from major cities). In many cases, claims may be submitted directly through this App to GeoBlue. To learn more, watch this video. GeoBlue also offers Global Wellness Assist, which provides confidential mental health counseling and support to students abroad.

Citizens of Host Countries

If you are a citizen of the host country – the country in which the field school takes place – you may not be covered by our insurance carrier. You should be covered by the national health scheme in your home country. Exceptions to this rule may be provided only to students who have citizenship in another country as well, or hold permanent resident status in another country (other than the one where the program takes place).