Moving Research Forward With Respect

The IFR Academic Board reviews and promotes archaeological field schools for quality of pedagogy and research. We pay close attention to the ethical execution of research. IFR acknowledges that archaeology grew out of colonialism, and so IFR prefers partners who seek full and respectful engagement, collaboration, and supportive relationships with local communities and indigenous peoples on whose lands IFR programs may take place.

The IFR acknowledges that its headquarters in Los Angeles, California, USA is located on the ancestral lands of the Tongva/Gabrielino people.

Tongva Acknowledgement

“We, the Indigenous People, the Traditional Caretakers of this landscape are the direct descendants of the First People who formed our lands, our worlds during creation time. We have always been here. Our Ancestors prepared and became the landscapes and worlds for the coming of humans with order, knowledge and gifts embedded in the landscape.  Our Ancestors imbued us, who now live here, with the responsibility and obligations of our original instructions as told to us in our creation stories. We are guided by protocol and etiquette to be part of, take care of, and ensure the welfare of the NATURE, the extended family and community defined in its most inclusive expression. We pass those teachings and responsibilities onto our children, grandchildren and many generations to come.”

Provided by Julia Bogany (Tongva). October, 2020.