Pay Online

Credit card payments incur a 3.5% processing fee
ACH direct debit transactions incur an 0.8% processing fee, capped at $5.


Application and payment deadlines are dependent on the session of the program a student applies for:

Summer 1: programs that begin in May – June

Summer 2: programs that begin July – August 

Winter: programs that begin in January – February

Refer to the program page and syllabus for program dates.


Summer Priority Application Deadline (both sessions): February 1

Summer 1 Application Deadline: April 1

Summer 2 Application Deadline: April 15

Winter Application Deadline: November 30

Note that earlier application deadlines may apply to programs that require additional permits or visas.


A $150 late application fee will be charged for any application submitted after the application deadline for the program. Late applications are permitted based on spaces available in each program. Please contact IFR at or (424) 209-1173 before submitting an application after the deadline.


A nonrefundable $500 deposit is due within 21 days of program acceptance or by the program fees deadline, whichever deadline occurs first. A deposit secures a place in the program until the program fees deadline. If a student pays a deposit but does not pay the remainder of the full program fees by the program fees deadline, a space in the program is no longer reserved and may be given to another student. The $500 deposit is not refundable and is applied to the program fees.

Students who do not pay their deposit within the 21 day window after acceptance will not have a reserved space in the program and may have their application withdrawn.



Summer 1 Program Fees Due: May 1

Summer 2 Program Fees Due: May 15

Winter Program Fees Due: November 30

Students must pay the program fees in full by the program fees deadline to maintain their seat in the program. The $500 deposit is applied to the  program fees.

Students who have applied for financial aid with their home institution and anticipate receiving funds after the program fees payment deadline can sign IFRs Financial Aid Agreement. Contact well before the program payment deadline to enquire about this option. Please note that the Financial Aid Agreement is a legal document committing a student to full payment of the program fees regardless of their attendance. 


  • Costs of instruction and program activities, including field and/or lab work as outlined in the program syllabus.
  • Field trips and program-related transportation, which varies program by program; please refer to the program syllabus for more details regarding transportation costs included in the program fees.
  • If you opt to earn academic credits for your program, two transcripts will be issued from Connecticut College for the number of semester credit units specified in the program syllabus.
  • Room and board fees include accommodations for the duration of the program.  Please note that not all meals are included in the room and board fees for most programs. Meals on days off during the program are usually not included in room and board fees. In some cases, room and board fees do not include any meals. Refer to the program syllabus for more details.
  • For international programs, Health insurance and Political & Natural Disaster Evacuation Insurance. Please refer to IFR’s Health Insurance webpage for more details regarding eligibility and coverage.


  • Travel to and from the field school meeting point. Refer to the program syllabus for more information regarding travel to the meeting location.
  • Travel insurance/trip cancellation insurance (see below for more information on travel and trip cancellation insurance).
  • Entry visa or permit (if needed).
  • Immunizations and medication.
  • Personal expenses, including communications, gifts, etc. 
  • Food, other than as specified in program information.
  • For programs in the US, health and accident insurance.


IFR accepts payments in US Dollars through our application portal

  • Credit/Debit Card Payment: The IFR accepts all major credit cards. 
  • ACH Direct Debit Transactions: We accept ACH Direct Debit Transactions.

If you have circumstances preventing you from paying online, please contact IFR staff at


For US Citizens: At this time, the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) does not allow non-university institutions to issue a 1098-T tax form. Although students receive academic credit units through our partner university, IFR students do not matriculate there and therefore, cannot receive 1098-T forms from Connecticut College. The IFR can issue a letter stating students participated in our field school(s) and a financial statement showing payment history.  Contact to request such documents.

529 Funds: All IFR field schools are accredited through our academic partner, Connecticut College. Therefore, all expenses associated with the field school – including tuition, air travel and miscellaneous expenses – are legitimate educational expenses and covered by 529 IRS rules if the student is taking the program for academic credit. Students will get a letter grade on an official transcript at the end of the field school. If needed, a copy of the transcript may be provided to the IRS as proof that the student attended a credit-bearing academic program.

For Canadian Citizens: Please email the TF11A E form in PDF format to with your request and we will send the completed form back to you, usually within 72 hours.


Student Loans:

One way to help fund the field school cost is through student loans.  The best way to use this financial tool is for the student’s home institution to accept the loan through a Consortium Agreement and forward these funds to the IFR. The IFR cannot accept direct payment of federal/state student loans, as we are not a university.  Connecticut College cannot accept federal/state student loans on our behalf, as students do not matriculate there.

Personal Loans:

Many banks will allow personal loans to finance academic activities. The IFR can accept direct payment from banks, as long as they do not require the IFR to be an accredited institution. Contact IFR at before initiating a payment transfer.

* Travel and Trip Cancelation Insurance

The IFR does not provide trip cancellation insurance. Please consider purchasing travel and trip cancellation insurance that will cover your travel costs and the cost of the IFR program in case something prevents your attendance. This small, additional investment can bring peace of mind and help mitigate financial risk. The added risk of COVID-19  should be a covered event in your policy. Please note that the cost of coverage varies, based on your age, the program duration, geographical location, and other factors. We recommend comparing quotes from different companies offering trip cancellation insurance plans. You may wish to consult your insurance broker for further assistance and advice regarding travel insurance and mitigating financial risk.

Compare quotes from different companies offering Trip Cancelation insurance plans.