Some universities require a Consortium Agreement to be signed by the IFR.  We are happy to comply and do so frequently with universities across the US and around the world.

Consortium Agreements must originate from the university where the student is matriculating.  Typically, the Academic Advisor, Financial Aid or Study Abroad officer at your home institution will ask for such agreement to be completed by the IFR. You must complete your part of the agreement before sending the form to us as it usually asked for privileged information (your student ID, major, etc.) we do not have. Sign and send the form as a PDF document attachment to  We usually process the form and return with our signature within three business days. We will send the signed document back as an email attachment to you. Do let us know if other official(s) at your home school need a copy as well. Provide their email address and we are happy to send a copy to them as well.

If you and/or your university require a hard copy of the Consortium Agreement, please make sure to instruct us to do so.  Provide the exact name and full address where the document should be sent.