Preparing to Apply

  • Check with your Home Institution (study abroad or academic advisor) for their requirements regarding credit transfer, financial aid, and any other internal summer stipend or scholarships they may offer.

  • Review the IFR Eligibility Criteria to ensure you may participate in our field schools.

  • Read through the Choosing a Program page and contact a staff member at the IFR to help you find the program that will best suite your academic goals and regional interests.

  • Discuss your plans with your support network: family, friends, professors, and mentors.

  • Apply for or renew your passport if you plan to enroll in a non-domestic IFR field school.

Start Your Application Now

How to Apply


Students should take advantage of several scholarships offered by the Institute for Field Research. Students who are admitted to an IFR field school are eligible to apply for an internal IFR scholarship. Please visit the Scholarship page to learn about the application requirements, eligibility criteria, award amounts, and deadlines for each scholarship. Also listed on our scholarship page are links and short descriptions of grants and scholarships available to students from other agencies, foundations, and organizations.

Financial Aid

The IFR is a non-accredited institution and therefore cannot accept federal financial aid on behalf of students. This does not mean getting financial aid to fund your field school experience is impossible. Many universities will approve students to receive aid for their field school, your home institution will just need to be able to accept the funding and disperse it to you. Please consult with a study abroad or financial aid advisor at your institution to determine their requirements and policies for carrying financial aid off campus. For further information, visit our Financial Aid page.