For Students

IFR field schools are ‘Study Away’ programs. To ‘Study Away’ is to pursue formal learning in an educational setting beyond your home institution and in such a way that encourages an understanding of international peoples, cultures, languages, and global issues. Historically, these study away experiences transpire during the typical academic term, such as fall or spring semester.

However, participating in a study away program doesn’t have to equate to a full academic term away from college. In fact, studying away during summer or winter intersessions often affords greater flexibility with degree requirements and impedes less on athletic and work schedules. Pursuing an intersession program can also dovetail with work-experience or internship opportunities in international settings.

IFR summer and winter programs typically span 4–5 weeks in duration. Each program is academically rigorous, field-based, and research immersive. And all of our programs ask enrolled participants to step outside the traditional role of a student to become a researcher, a steward, and an ambassador; to work closely with leading scholars from academic institutions around the world; and to become part of a global community of scholars dedicated to the preservation and understanding of our shared cultural heritage and environment.

For Administrators

The IFR is a willing partner in study away programming at your institution. Our summer and winter programs afford more strategic and flexible use of budgets dedicated to study away programming while expanding student access to academically rigorous and research-immersive study away experiences. We have affiliation agreements with several liberal arts colleges, including our school of record, Connecticut College. Please contact us if you would like to explore how IFR’s intersession programs may help you meet your institution’s vision of study away experiences.