Ana Eyssimont
Ana EyssimontSocial Media Manager
Ana Eyssimont graduated from the University of Colorado in Boulder with a Bachelor’s in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and with honors in Environmental Studies. She wrote her honors thesis about her research studying environmental public policy laid out in three colorado city’s sustainability plans and its correlation over time with sustainable development initiatives and greenhouse gas emission inventories.
Her passion for outdoors recreation -skiing, rock climbing, and surfing- drives her interest in environmental conservation research and climate change policy, however she is truly passionate about communicating the scientific method and scholarly research to the general public. It is her belief that by making complex scientific research more accessible, by using tools such as social media, the complex evidence and data presented may influence social norms and cultural values towards an environmentally conscientious paradigm. At the IFR she creates transparent communication channels between the scientific community and the general public, while connecting students to top quality research opportunities.
Miriam Bar-Zemer
Miriam Bar-ZemerEnrollment Manager
Miriam Bar-Zemer graduated from Oberlin College in the Spring of 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies and a concentration in Urban Sustainability. While at Oberlin, Miriam took part in environmental education initiatives within the local community through the Oberlin Project. Driven by her interest in the human-environment relationship in cities, she completed the UC Berkeley Design Innovation for Sustainable Cities certificate program.
Since 2016, as enrollment director at the IFR, Miriam has been creating better access to quality education and communicating the importance of learning through research and travel. She believes strongly that drawing connections between all disciplines that study our past and present environments and society is critical to ensure research is intellectually accessible and impactful.
In addition to working at the IFR, Miriam divides her time engaging in the development of an application which will service individuals experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles, advocating for sustainable farming practices in the U.S., exploring on her bike, and cooking for family and friends.