IFR is a non-profit which is organized as a 501(c)(3) entity. Our focus is on students, researchers, and the communities in which, and for whom, students and researchers contribute time and expertise. Research and teaching that is sited in a community and devised in collaboration with communities creates possibilities for mutually beneficial, reciprocal knowledge creation, friendships, and other interactions. IFR allows students, researchers and communities that might be restricted or siloed by their distinctive institutions,  or other conditions, to join together through field-based learning, teaching, and research.

IFR field schools provide students an excellent in-the-field learning and living experience that offers college credit. Students are able to earn credit from the high-quality liberal arts institution, Connecticut College, which shares IFR’s commitment to field-based, experiential learning in diverse environments. All IFR field programs undergo a rigorous, multi-stage process that includes an on-site visit, peer review and curriculum assessment. The course content is evaluated by both IFR and Connecticut College.

IFR provides a range of benefits to its field programs including peer review assessment and feedback, annual evaluation and review, admissions and enrollment management, recruiting and marketing support, insurance, and social media support. A portion of the fees paid by students is used to pay the salaries of the staff that support students and field directors before, during and after their time in the field.