Every field school director formulates a plan for supporting the health, safety, and welfare of students, which includes identifying the location of medical facilities nearest the field site. Each field school director provides a custom briefing for students so that everyone is aware of the health-related issues, which may include food options, hazards to avoid, safety practices, proper use of all gear, and respectful personal and professional interaction norms. IFR Board members or staff may visit a field school while it is running. Also, at the end of each field school, IFR requires every field director to provide every student with an extensive student evaluation. This includes questions a wide range of questions about the quality of instruction, the concern of the instructor with student learning, the overall experience, and specific questions about harassment and discrimination, such as “did you witness any sexual harassment?” “did you experience any sexual harassment?” The results of these evaluations are shared with the Academic Board, Board of Governors, the field school director so that improvements are constantly being made.