Credit Units

Attending students will be awarded 12 quarter credit units (equivalent to 8 semester units) through our academic partner – UCLA Extension as XL Classes.  XL Classes are courses equivalent to undergraduate courses offered by the UCLA regular session – see here Leaflet from UCLA regrading type of credit units. All XL courses are transferable for unit and subject credit toward the Bachelor’s Degree at all campuses of the University of California. Courses numbered 100 to 199 — IFR field schools are usually in the 150’s series — are considered upper division (junior/senior). For more information, go here.

UCLA is a top ranked research university and the quality of its education is recognized across the world (see the National Academy of Sciences rankings). All IFR field schools are peer-reviewed annually by the IFR Academic Board.  In addition, instructors and curriculum are approved both by the corresponding academic department and Academic Senate at UCLA.

Each IFR school provides a minimum of 160 direct instructional hours.

Upper Division Designation

All IFR field schools are designated Upper Division classes.  Catalog class descriptions may be found here and here.


Grades will be posted and transcript available usually within six weeks after the end of each field school. All IFR field schools are listed as XL Classes — courses that are equivalent to undergraduate courses offered by the UCLA regular session and thus are transferable courses, depending on the student major, standing, GPA, etc.

Transcripts are available through the UCLA Extension.  Follow these instructions to request transcripts.  Students may download unofficial transcripts for free.  Official transcript fee is $15 per copy. Transcripts are processed and placed in the mail within 5 business days. The Rush Transcript Fee is $53, which covers the cost of the official transcript and FedEx delivery. Rush Transcripts are processed within one business day and mailed via FedEx Standard Overnight for US addresses, and FedEx International Express for non-US addresses. Transcript fees must be paid directly to UCLA Extension.

Transfer of Credit Units

Most universities accept UCLA credit units – there are very few exceptions.  Students are strongly encouraged to discuss the transferability of the credit units with their own school official(s) BEFORE attending the field school.  When meeting with school officials – usually the Registrar or Academic Adviser – students should print and bring the field school syllabus with them. It is also advisable to forward school officials the IFR website URL address so they may independently review the IFR academic merits and the way by which we manage our field schools.

It is simple and easy to download the syllabus from the field school web page.  Go to your field school web page and click on the ‘Syllabus’ button – it is located just under the green square to the right of the ‘Overview’ text.  The syllabus will load as a PDF file and you may print or save to your computer.

For UCLA Students

Please refer to UCLA’s policy regarding Extension courses here. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with their academic adviser how the credit units may transfer to their records before enrolling.

Consortium Agreements

Some universities require a Consortium Agreement to be signed by the IFR.  We are happy to comply. Click here for more information about Consortium Agreements.  If your school official(s) need any additional information, they may write to us at  We are happy to provide compliance documents and answer any questions they may have.

IFR field school that took place between 2013 and 2015 were accredited through Connecticut College. To request transcripts, please go to the Connecticut College Registrar page.