Some students need to take the road less traveled. Classroom experience is simply not enough. These students seek to challenge both body and mind in the pursuit of knowledge. They wish to enhance their academic careers and at the same time, hope to gain life experience that furthers their education in ways unavailable on most university campuses. Are you one of these students?

At the IFR, we embrace these distinctive learners. We provide students with the opportunity to join a leading group of archaeologists as they embark on expeditions of discovery throughout the world. Students expand their knowledge of the past, explore cultures vastly different than their own, and deepen their understanding of themselves by participating in archaeological fieldwork. It is the kind of academically rigorous, intellectually rewarding and physically demanding endeavor that asks of all its participants to dig deeper.

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Archaeologists conduct fieldwork at all four corners of the world. So it should come as no surprise that the IFR offers field schools in distinctive locations throughout the globe. Use the menu below to find the location right for you.

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