Withdrawal and Cancellation Policy

Tuition Deposit and Tuition Payment Deadline

As described in greater detail on IFR’s Payment and Finances page, students accepted to an IFR field school must pay a $500 nonrefundable deposit to be admitted and secure a space. Accepted students are admitted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Admitted students are responsible to pay program tuition in full by the tuition payment deadline. The tuition payment deadline can be found in the top right of each field school’s web page. Students who need assistance finding the tuition payment deadline for their program should contact IFR. Admitted students who believe they may not be able to meet the tuition payment deadline should review IFR’s Payment and Finances page for information about IFR’s Financial Aid Agreement, and should reach out to IFR at the earliest opportunity, well in advance of the deadline, to discuss any questions.

Failure to meet the tuition payment deadline results in assessment of a $100 late fee.

Returned checks incur a nonrefundable fee of $29 to reimburse IFR for returned check bank charges.

Withdrawal by an Admitted Student

Withdrawal by an admitted student must be in writing. To initiate a withdrawal, an admitted student should email IFR at admissions@ifrglobal.org or call (877) 839-4374. Withdrawing students are requested to notify IFR at the earliest possible time so that, if possible, a potential replacement student may be found.

In the event of withdrawal, the $500 nonrefundable deposit fee remains nonrefundable and will not be refunded.

For withdrawal prior to the tuition payment deadline, any tuition payments(s) received prior to the tuition payment deadline, other than the nonrefundable deposit, will be refunded.

For withdrawal later than the tuition payment deadline, tuition payments received, if any, will not be refunded, and admitted students remain legally responsible for remaining balances, including all unpaid tuition and other fees.

Program Cancellation

In the event that a field school is canceled, all admitted students will be notified as soon as possible and will receive a refund of all tuition paid, including the deposit fee.

Resolution of Disputes

Any disputes regarding the above between IFR and an admitted student that cannot be amicably resolved will be governed by California law and heard exclusively in a court of competent jurisdiction within Los Angeles County, California.